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School Council

Smeeth School Council has now been up and successfully running for a number of years.


Every September pupils who would like to be elected as their class representative, deliver a speech on why they want the role and what it is that would make them the best candidate. The class then vote democratically for the pupil they would like to represent them.


Each School Council representative will remain on the Council for a minimum of one term but can stay for the whole school year if they want to. The Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary are all from Eagles which is our Year 5/6 class.


The Council meet at least fortnightly to discuss all suggstions/problems put forward by pupils in the School. Each class has a suggestion box (made by the School Council) in which pupils can privately place any problems or suggestions they may have ready for discussion at the meetings.


In the past the School Council has:

  • Organised and selected the Outdoor Classroom.
  • Organised and chose the Play/Clamber Stack which forms part of the new playground.
  • Visited Build-a-Bear in Canterbury and made Citizenship Bears for each class with two sets of clothing..
  • Sorted out many small problems which sometimes arise.


WATCH this space for future, amazing projects!


School Council

Chair - Alice

Vice/Deputy Chair - Isaac

Secretary - Ella


Eagle Class - Lacey and James

Kingfisher Class - Martina and Faye

Woodpecker Class - Chloe and Lily

Magpie Class - Leo and Lela

Robin Class - Daisy and Tate


Sports Captains

Sophia, Rebekah, Erin and Matilda (Eagle Class)