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Smeeth Play Club

Kent Play Clubs - After School Club

Monday to Friday from 3.15pm to 6.00pm (term time only)


Holiday Club

1st week of Spring Break

1st & 2nd week of Summer Break

Contact - 07709 276375


Mission Statement

The After School Club aims to provide stimulating activities, which will develop the children, within a safe, caring play-led environment.


Activities on Offer

The Club plans a wide range of activities, including cookery and healthy living, arts and crafts, outside game sessions, competitions, music etc. Plans are always available and parents are invited to see what is happening. Please see at the end of this page to see upcoming events!


How to Book a Place

Before attending, an enrolment form has to be completed and signed by the parent. Please make sure that any emergency details are correct, and if they change, or the days you request change, please complete a new form.

Forms are available from the Senior Club Co-ordinator.

All requests for places will be confirmed by the Senior Club Co-ordinator. Spaces will be issued on a first come first served basis.


Ofsted Inspection

We receved our Ofsted Inspection on 8th Juy 2016 and are pleased to announce that we received an overall assessment of "Good".

Ofsted commented that the children "receive good support to develop their ideas during play", "Children's physical well-being is well supported" and that "Children are confident to make decisions about what they woud like to play with and how to use the toys available".

Ofsted also commented that the club staff "have a good knowledge of safeguarding and understand their role and responsibility in keeping children safe".

You can read our full Ofsted Report below or by using the link to the Ofsted website, also below.