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Star of the Week


Our Friday Celebration Assembly "Star of the Week"


These are the children who have achieved something special that we wish to celebrate each week. Each child's name is read out in Celebration Assembly and they receive a Certificate from the Head Teacher.


Friday 8th February 2019

Robins - Toby - for good work this week!

Magpies - Harry - for good work this week!

Woodpeckers - Alaia - for fantastic effort with her writing!

Kingfishers - Phoebe - for good effort in work this week!

Eagles - James - for showing a good example of how to be enthusiastic!


Friday 1st February 2019

Robins - Daisy - for being brave in gymnastics!

Magpies - Drue - for some amazing extended writing!

Woodpeckers - James - for fantastic diary entries!

Kingfishers - Amie - for great homework!

Eagles - Lily - for always doing her best!


Friday 25th January 2019

Robins - Henry - for writing a birthday card for Daisy!

Magpies - Drue - a fantastic achievement in following the rules!

Woodpeckers - Daniel - for working hard!

Kingfishers - Joshua - for fantastic phonics!

Eagles - Sophie - for her amazing homework!


Friday 18th January 2019

Robins - Olivia - for writing key facts from 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'.

Magpies - Leyna - for excellent extended writing!

Woodpeckers - Lily - for fantastic writing this week!

Kingfishers - Alfie - for a real improvement in his work!

Eagles - Darci - for a mature approach this week!


Friday 11th January 2019

Robins - Jack - for amazing attitude to his work!

Magpies - Maisie - for using her initiative!

Woodpeckers - Aaron - for working hard in everything this week!

Kingfishers - Charlotte - for hard work in all subjects this week!

Eagles - Lacey - for fantastic homework!


Friday 14th December 2018

Robins - Logan - for great effort in History this week!

Magpies - Sophia - for persevering with everything this week!

Woodpeckers - Adam - for fantastic work and determination!

Kingfishers - Honey - for her fantastic artwork!

Eagles - Ricky - for his mature attitude with one of the Reception children!


Friday 7th December 2018

Robins - Whole Class - for such an amazing Nativity!

Magpies - Bertie - for trying hard in all his work!

Woodpeckers - Mercie - for great effort in everything this week!

Kingfishers - Thomas - for a huge effort in his work this term!

Eagles - Rhianna - for a great diary entry!


Friday 30th November 2018

Robins - Poppy - for being a lovely friend!

Magpies - Reggie - for fantastic adjectives!

Woodpeckers - Molly - for fantastic comprehension!

Kingfishers - Lily D - for completing all her work this week!

Eagles - Maddie - for always being positive and happy!


Friday 23rd November 2018

Robins - Jeffrey - for great sounding out words!

Magpies - Jessica - for fantastic work all week!

Woodpeckers - Elliott - for fantastic Viking research!

Kingfishers - Hayden - for fantastic work all week!

Eagles - William - for good sportsmanship!


Friday 16th November 2018

Robins - Frederick - good luck at your new school, we will miss you!

Magpies - Harry - for trying hard in all lessons!

Woodpeckers - Chloe - for using subordinate clauses!

Kingfishers - Dylan - for being a great friend!

Eagles - Becca - for trying hard in all work this week!


Friday 9th November 2018

Robins - Miller - for trying hard to write his name!

Magpies - Austin - for fantastic work!

Woodpeckers - Josephina - great money work!

Kingfishers - Sienna G - for 100% effort in all work!

Eagles - Blake - for a brilliant poem!


Friday 2nd November 2018

Robins - Toby - for good work in Phonics!

Magpies - Leo - for excellent work in Maths!

Woodpeckers - Oliver - for amazing English and Maths!

Kingfishers - Genna - for great persuasive writing in English!

Eagles - Ella - for being a role model for great work effort!


Thursday 18th October 2018

Robins - Elliott - for trying hard to write his name!

Magpies - Kaitlyn - for trying hard working with other classes during book week!

Woodpeckers - Olivia - for great poetry writing!

Kingfishers - Amie - for being a fantastic member of Kingfishers!

Eagles - Miriam - for continuous excellent work!


Friday 12th October 2018

Robins - Caleb - for good writing!

Magpies - Christian - for amazing Maths!

Woodpeckers - Daniel - for making good choices in his work!

Kingfishers - Ava - for good effort in all work this week!

Eagles - Darcy - for great English work!


Friday 5th October 2018

Robins - Joshua - for fantastic writing!

Magpies - Leyla - for always trying her best in everything she does!

Woodpeckers -Joshua - for great work all week!

Kingfishers - Evie - for always having a positive attitude!

Eagles - Alice - for her 'Escape from Slavery' writing!


Friday 28th September 2018

Robins - .Ryan - for brilliant writing!

Magpies - Poppy - for amazing handwriting!

Woodpeckers - Aaron - for amazing work in everything this week!

Kingfishers - Ava-Lula - for good work!

Eagles - Emily - for good engagement in all lessons!


Friday 21st September 2018

Robins - Buddy - for fantastic experimenting!

Magpies - Ethan - for keeping on task this week!

Woodpeckers - Esme - for independent work this week!

Kingfishers - Deliene - for 'super star' writing!

Eagles - Caitlyn - fantasic Roman Numerals work!