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Governor Information

Welcome from the Governing Body of Smeeth Community Primary School.


The role of the governing body is a strategic one. Its key functions are to:

  • set the aims and objectives for the school
  • set the policies for achieving those aims and objectives
  • set the targets for achieving those aims and objectives
  • monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and objectives
  • be a source of challenge and support to the head teacher


The roles and responsibilities of School Governors are broad-reaching and an overview can be found on the link below:

Governing Body Meetings Attendance Register

The Smeeth Governing Body meets once a term. Training for governors is generally attached to a meeting or can sometimes be a whole day of training, although dates are always given well in advance. All governors receive full induction training into the role along with a governor mentor/buddy to support them within the role.


To find out the role of a governor, please see the attached document at the bottom of this page.


The Smeeth Governing Body is a dedicated, enthusiastic and positive group of volunteers who work hard to fulfil their role. We strive to stimulate, support, develop and safeguard the children in our care, managing the school finances, driving development and improvement, monitoring progress and supporting and challenging the staff in their work of delivering “Small School, Big Dreams”.



The Governing Body of Smeeth Community Primary School is comprised of 8 members:

  • 2 Parent Governors - elected by parents
  • 1 Local Authority Governor - nominated by the Local Authority and appointed by the Governing Body
  • 1 Staff Governor - elected by the School Staff
  • The Head Teacher - an ex officio Governor
  • 1 Co-opted Governor - appointed by the Governing Body
  • 2 Foundation Governors.


Our current Governing Body is made up as follows:


L.A. Governors appointed by Kent Education Committee



Linda Dodds (Appointed November 2019)


Responsibilities for 2021/2022 - Resources Committee, Quality of Education Lead & Head Teacher Performance Management


I have lived in Brabourne Lees for over 30 years. Our children grew up in the village and benefitted hugely from their time at Smeeth School in the 1990's. I was a member of the PTA and still see friends I made at the school gate, some of whose grandchildren now attend Smeeth School!


In 2017 I retired from my career as a pharmacist, having worked primarily across the NHS in the South East to develop pharmacy services but also as a lecturer and researcher at Medway School of Pharmacy. My experience as an educator, albeit to postgraduates, has convinced me that a child's life chances are very much bound up in what happens at their primary school. If a child cannot read fluently, and understand what they are reading, life will be very hard at secondary school and beyond, and they may soon give up to struggle to learn. However, life skills are just as important and can be nurtured in a supportive primary school environment, enabling a child to move confidently from a small school to a much larger one and thrive.


When I first retired I volunteered to listen to readers in Eagle Class, which I enjoyed very much! Now I hope that taking on the role of a School Governor will allow me to make a greater contribution to support the staff and children at this vibrant school.


Foundation Governors



Chair of Governors - Mr James Dearden (Appointed January 2018)


Responsibilities for 2021/2022 - Resources Committee & Head Teacher Performance Management


I am a Parent Governor living in Willesborough, on the edge of Ashford. I have two daughters one at Smeeth and one now at secondary school, who originally joined the school in Woodpeckers and Robins. The enjoyment I see in their faces and the care with which the school has looked after them, motivated me to join the Governing body. I wanted to contribute to the school in recognition of the excellent job they are doing and have done for my daughters.


I travel to London every day for work in my role as an IT Consultant, but I always look forward to the opportunities I get to visit the school and assist where I can. In my spare time, what little there is after my DIY chores, I enjoy skiing and sailing.




Mr Graham Bush (Appointed September 2021)


Responsibilities for 2021/2022 - Health & Safety


I have lived in Smeeth for 17 years and have heard many good things about the school.  I was previously a senior officer in the London Fire Brigade and a Fire Safety Consultant. I have two grandchildren of primary school age who go to a very good school. The improvement in their confidence, vocabulary and sporting achievement is self-evident. A rounded education at an early age is so important.

I was approached to consider becoming a Governor, so I visited the school and met the Chair of Governors and the Head Teacher who gave me a full tour and encouraged me to consider the role. I was very impressed with the school, its facilities and the staff I met. I have spent many years sitting on committees and attending meetings on various issues. I also have a practical approach to the enforcement of health and safety and fire safety. I hope I can be useful!



Co-opted Governor











Mr Tristan Hardiman (Appointed May 2022)


Responsibilities for 2021/2022 - Safeguarding, Child Protection Officer & Resources Committee


My name is Tristan Hardiman, I am a Parent Governor and I live in Brabourne Lees and have done so for over ten years.  I have two children who both attend the school.  I have worked in the criminal justice system since 2000 in Surrey, Sussex, South London and most recently Kent.  In 2011 I specialised in the area of public protection, focusing on child protection and working in partnership with Social Services, Health and Education.  I believe that all children deserve to grow up and thrive in every area of their lives.   As parents, carers and professionals, we have a responsibility to do all we can to make their welfare and development our paramount concern.  This is the reason that I was motivated to join the team of governors at the school.  


Staff Governors



Ms Jennifer Payne - Head Teacher (Appointed April 2019)


Responsibilities for 2021/2022 - Resources Committee



Mr James Peall - Teacher (Appointed January 2019)


Responsibilities - Staff Governor



Parent Governors



Mrs Charlotte Burke (Appointed October 2012)


Responsibilities for 2021/22 -  Training and Development & Head Teacher Performance Management


I am a Parent Governor, living in Smeeth, and have a daughter who has now left Smeeth for secondary school and a son in Eagles.  As a Governor, my particular focus in on EYFS/Robins, Pupil Progress and Curriculum, and I am also working to increase and improve the music provision in the school.  Outside school, I run my own music business and am a keen Nordic Walker.




Vice Chair - Mrs Sam Hunt (Appointed June 2019)


Responsibilities for 2021/2022 - SEND



Clerk to the Governors



Nicki Cox


Register of Business Interests

Please see attached table for business interests, terms of office, roles and responsibilities;

Policies and Procedures

In order to ensure the School operates efficiently and to comply with legal obligations, a number of policies and procedures have been put in place.  The impact of these policies is monitored and they are reviewed regularly. 


The Policies currently in place are:

Pay and Rewards Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Looked After Children Policy

Leave of Absence (Staff) Policy

Behaviour Management Policy

Managing Sickness Absence Policy

School Medication Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Appraisal Policy

Accidents and Illness Procedures Policy

Capability Procedure and Physical Intervention Policy

Staff Handbook

Staff Disciplinary Code Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Grievance Procedure Policy

Sex and Relationships Education Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Admissions Policy

Attendance Policy

Home-School Agreement

Homework Policy

Handwriting Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Complaints Procedure

ICT Policy

FoI and Data Protection Policy

SEND Policy

Equality Policy


Some Policies are available to view on the School website (as required by law). Requests to view copies of other Policies will be given consideration.


Minutes of the Governor Meetings can be requested through an email request to the headteacher.

All of our Governors attend Full Governing Body meetings which take place seven times a year.  In addition to this Governors have a link to individual classes and subject or project development.

Some of our Governors have specific responsibilities for statutory duties such as Safeguarding, SEND and Health and Safety.


If you are interested in becoming a School Governor, please speak to one of the exising Governors or get in contact with the School.