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Smeeth Community Primary School

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Who's Who

Head Teacher:   

Ms Payne


Teachers & Teaching Assistants

Eagles:                     Mr Peall with Mrs Guntripp

Kingfishers:             Mrs Matson with Mrs Quinn and Mrs John-Baptiste (covering Mrs Hobby's maternity


Woodpeckers:         Miss Lancaster with Mrs King

Magpies:                  Miss Sampson with Mrs Chapman


Robins:                     Miss Gourlay with Miss Marchesi, Mrs Berry & Mrs Leney

PPA Teacher :         Ms Willmore

SENCO :                   Miss Gourlay 


Office Team

Mrs Ventham-Day & Mrs Perrin


Site Manager


Mr Rodway (Cover Site Manager)


Kitchen Team

Mrs Mayhew (Cook), Mrs Young (Assistant Cook) & Miss Butcher (GA)


Dinner Supervisors

Mrs Berry

Mrs Chapman

Mrs Quinn

Mrs King

Mrs John-Baptiste

Miss Botting


Breakfast Club

Mrs John-Baptiste

Mrs Tripp


After School Club

Mrs Guntripp

Mrs Berry

Staff Gallery

Staff Gallery 1 Ms Payne - Head Teacher
Staff Gallery 2 Miss Gourlay - Robins Teacher/SENCO
Staff Gallery 3 Miss Sampson - Magpies Teacher
Staff Gallery 4 Miss Lancaster - Woodpeckers Teacher
Staff Gallery 5 Mrs Hobby - Kingfishers Teacher
Staff Gallery 6 Mrs Matson - Kingfishers Teacher Maternity Cover
Staff Gallery 7 Mr Peall - EaglesTeacher
Staff Gallery 8 Ms Willmore - KS1 PPA Cover Teacher
Staff Gallery 9 Miss Marchesi - Robins TA
Staff Gallery 10 Mrs Leney - Robins 1:1 TA
Staff Gallery 11 Mrs Berry - Robins TA
Staff Gallery 12 Mrs Chapman - Magpies TA
Staff Gallery 13 Mrs King - Woodpeckers TA
Staff Gallery 14 Mrs John-Baptiste - Kingfishers 1:1 TA
Staff Gallery 15 Mrs Quinn - Kingfishers TA
Staff Gallery 16 Mrs Guntripp - Eagles TA
Staff Gallery 17 Mrs Ventham-Day - Finance Officer
Staff Gallery 18 Mrs Perrin - Administrator
Staff Gallery 19 Miss Botting - Midday Supervisor
Staff Gallery 20 Mrs Tripp - Breakfast Club Assistant
Staff Gallery 21 Mr Rodway - Cover Site Manager
Staff Gallery 22 Mrs Mayhew - School Cook
Staff Gallery 23 Mrs Young - Assistant School Cook
Staff Gallery 24 Miss Butcher - GA