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Outdoor Learning

Smeeth School outdoor learning was established in September 2015 and began its journey building an outdoor classroom, fire pit and training for staff in fire management and bush craft tools.


The Outdoor Learning idea grew from the shared vision of stakeholders to provide a curriculum which reflected the naturally stunning area in which the School is situated. Through outdoor learning at the School and other environmentally based initiatives, children attending Smeeth Community Primary School are able to develop a keen interest and understanding of the natural environment, whilst developing the core purposes of the outdoor learning ethos, namely, development of self-esteem, confidence and social skills. Through carefully planned cross curricular activities, children from Reception to Year 6 take part in outdoor work over the whole school year which enables them to excel in all areas of their personal, academic and spiritual development. Parents will be notified in advance by letter and/or text of any outdoor activities.


The philosophy which underpins our Outdoor Learning is to encourage and inspire individuals of any age through mastery of small, achievable tasks in the woodland environment, to grow in confidence and independence so that they are able to develop a sense of self-worth. Children will acquire new skills as they are ready for them so that activities can maintain a degree of challenge and excitement, whilst remaining safe and controlled.


The environmental area within the school grounds acts as the main base for outdoor learning activities. During the course of the year will walk to the Deer Park or other local outside areas where the freedom of  the outdoor learning environment will provide the children with the opportunity to practice their skills and further develop their understanding of the outside environment.