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Year 3 2023/24

One of the benefits of having regular forest school sessions that cover several seasons is that the children get to experience seasonal changes along side the changing weather. We have had lovely bright crisp cold frozen sessions where the dig pit froze over,  muddy water in the mud kitchen had frozen solid in pans yet the children adapted there play and embraced the frozen landscape.  They were warmed by hot squash or a cup of hot water to warm their hands and rarely complained! Then came the rain and again everything changed, the mud, so much mud, the mud slide, the dig pit  became a wellie sucking  swamp, which the children built a bridge to cross safely.

Our session last week we noticed a definite change, it was milder, Spring could be on its way. We foraged nettle and cleavers and made it into a tea, most of the children tried it, although i'm not entirely sure they actually enjoyed it!

Thank you to all of our parents for smiling politely when collecting their muddy children and I'm hoping to post some sunny photos soon.