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Eagles (Y5 and 6)

Welcome to Eagles Class. Please look on here often in order to find out what we have got up, as well as for homework, letters and topic webs.

Shout Outs for Eagles - 31/03

TT Rockstars Stars:
8 out of 30 have accessed this site.
Alfie has earnt the most coins and reached Headliner status!

Kaelyn, Emily and James are the next ones on the road to TT Rock stardom.

Read Theory Stars:

26 out of 30 have accessed this site.

Chloe has completed the most quizzes and has the most Knowledge Points.

Sienna has the highest average grade.

Spelling Shed Stars:

Emily, Toby, Darcy and Samuel make up the top four on Spelling Shed.

Hello Eagles,

During the school closure please take care, keep clean and healthy; washing hands, doing exercise (Joe Wicks on YouTube daily at 9am) and keep yourself mentally busy.

You should be coming towards the end of the work packs so enjoy the Maths I have added for you too. Then later in April, I will add work regularly for you. Check the Home Learning Summary in the Newsletter Section to access more activities to keep you busy.

I have the Alex Rider: Stormbreaker text on here for you to finish reading. Read a chapter at a time, write your own version like we were doing in class and use collinsdictionary.com to check your spellings and use their thesaurus tool. We now have a class email that your parents can access, and through that I will share the documents you started, so you can type up the story. Meanwhile, Year 6 can continue to create their graphic novel versions of Alex Rider on Purple Mash.

Once your parents contact me through the class email, I will share your Seesaw account details with them. On there are some tasks to enjoy and a way to share work with me too.

Your user details for TT Rockstars and Numbots are the same as your Purple Mash details. This is new ask your parents sit with you to begin with. 

Remember to practice the basic operations, spellings and writing, as well as reading as many books as possible.

You have the following accounts to use:

  • Read Theory
  • TT Rockstars
  • Purple Mash
  • Seesaw - once your parents email the class email
  • Code.org for Y5 and Scratch for Y6
  • Spelling Shed

See you soon,

Mr Peall

Recognising different tense types can be confusing; it is much more than past, present and future by year 6! Look at the different types on the documents above, then see if you can find examples in your reading books or on websites. Type the examples up with which tense type it is and post it back to me; either on Seesaw or ask your parents through the class email.

International Day

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We had some wonderful costumes for our International dress up day. As we have been studying Mexico, there were flowing dresses, sombreros, Dias de los muertos costumes and clothes in the colour of the Mexican flag. We do not however condone smoking of cigars due to the health risks.
Please enjoy watching the Eagles' Bollywood inspired dance choreographed by Mrs Horton via the link below.
We explored being mountaineers by using safety ropes to climb our way from base camp to the summit of Smeeth mountain. It was treacherous and unfortunately we did lose a few explorers to lack of supplies and some losing grip of the safety rope! We did learn the importance of working together, communicating and going at the same speed, in order to be successful. 

The children put their learning into practice when they visited the actual site of the Battle of Hastings. The children were able to see where the events they have been learning about took place, have extra information from the tour guides and become warriors in a mock battle.

The guides were impressed with the knowledge of the students, and expanded their knowledge by explaining the events, weapons and characters in more detail.

Bayeux Tapestry

Bayeux Tapestry

Still image for this video
The children sewed their own version of the Bayeux Tapestry, taking care and focusing hard.
The children have produced some great projects about William as their homework task. Many are on display in and around the classroom, but here are two PowerPoints to share.
After studying the Norman invasion of England, the children demonstrated their knowledge of the events by recreating the Bayeux Tapestry with their DT skills. Thanks to seamstress Mrs Guntripp, the children were taught how to thread and do running stitches to make their scenes come to life.