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Robins (YR)

Welcome to the Robins Class Page! 

Please scroll down for further information, pictures and videos of our lovely class playing, growing and learning together!

Thank you,

Miss Gourlay 

Robins Class Teacher 

Current Robins Stars

Star of the Week: Lennie for being an amazing member of Robins.

Speller of the Week: Dakota for her continued enthusiasm with her writing.


Robins School Trip 2023

Port Lympne!


The Coronation of King Charles lll 

May 2023 

Who Helps Us In Our Community?

Today, we explored our lovely village and looked at places and people who help us! We spoke to Martin, the local shopkeeper and an estate agent. We even got a brochure to take back to our role play area! We saw a bus driver and a postman and spoke about how these people help us and what they might be doing. We stopped by Carolines, the local hairdressers and learnt how hairdressers and barbers also help us!

On our way back, we noticed the gym equipment and spoke about how the local residents in our village help us, as they fundraised the equipment, to keep us fit and healthy!

Finally, we stopped  by John Childs garage and learnt how the mechanics help us and keep our cars going!

Good exploring Robins Class :)


Happy World Book Day!

"What is the past?"

As part of our topic 'Festivals and Celebrations', we have been reading the book 'An Invite from the Queen' and exploring parties and invitations this week! 

A conversation around the character 'The Queen', led to some amazing questions from our very inquisitive robins.

"Is that the Queen from a long time ago?"

"What is the past?" 

"Is she Elizabeth II?"

"How many Queens have there been?"

This led to an amazing exploration of different Queens from different times and around the World.

Our School's History leader, Mrs Matson, was very impressed with our new historical learning! 

Great job Robins!


Harvest Deliveries!

This term, we have been learning about the importance of sharing and community. Today, we went out with our buddies and delivered harvest packages to our lovely neighbours in the village. The children spoke to the community about the importance of sharing and Harvest time and all the things that they have been learning recently. We are so fortunate to be in such a beautiful, welcoming and community-friendly area!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to speak to us and engage with our children today. 

Conker Championships!

The first of many conker days at Smeeth School! Robins had so much fun!

Harvest Festival

Today, Robins performed for the first time in front of the school and parents! They sang the song 'Harvest in the Autumn' beautifully! Well done everybody for a great festival!

Working with Parents and Families! 

At Smeeth, we capture all of the children's 'WOW' moments on children's online learning journal 'Evidence Me'. We would love for parents and families to capture these moments at home and send it to us! These experiences will form children's ongoing journals and reports. 

We can't wait to see all of the amazing things you're up to!

Meeting our Year 6 Buddies! 


All About Me!

This week, we have been sharing our pictures from home with our new friends. We have been talking about our homes, favourite rooms, things to do and people who are special to us!



A big well done to our Robins Class who won this week's attendance award! Thank you to all of our lovely grown ups, who make sure that the children arrive promptly for school. 

Welcome Robins Class! 

Class of 2022-2023

'Our First Day' 

Transition Week!

This week, we will be opening the doors to our new intake of Robins for their transition days!

Tuesday at 2:30pm - 3:00pm: Storytime with Miss Gourlay 

Wednesday at 1:30pm - 2:30pm: 'Stay and Play' with Ms Willmore and Mrs Leney 

Thursday at 1:30pm - 2:30pm: 'Stay and Play' with Miss Gourlay and Mrs Leney 

Friday at 11:45pm: Lunch time experience 

All mornings and Mondays will be dedicated to individual parent and teacher meetings. If you cannot remember your slot time, please contact me on 

Official start date (full time): Tuesday 13th September 2023