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Robins (YR)

Year 6 Summer Fair!

Thank you Year 6! We had such a great time visiting your Summer Fair!

Thank you to all of those who contributed!

Robins' First Sports Day!

Wow! What an amazing day we have had! A huge well done to our Robins for partaking in their first Sports Day. ALL children completed every race and obstacle. What an accomplishment! 

Term 6 - Animals Near and Far

Robins Save The World!

This week we have been learning about 'all things eco'! We have loved our story "Someone Swallowed Stanley" and have learnt how we can help keep our planet going! 

Well done to all the Robins for their litter picking in our lovely, local area on Wednesday! Next time, we will make sure that the iPad is charged (Oops!!)

Today we spoke about the 3 R's. 

R - reduce

R - recycle

R - reuse 

Can you tell your grown up your eco promise? 

Watch the video link below to find out more! 





We've had a great first week back at school! Our topic has well and truly started and we have loved learning all things minibeasts so far. Here's us spotting some in our outdoor area! Those hungry caterpillars are busy eating all of our potatoes.

We look forward to learning lots more about tiny creatures and going lots more minibeast hunts! 

Harvesting Our Produce!

Keep an eye on this post. We will be uploading photos of the vegetables we have grown when they are ready to be picked and eaten! So far, it looks like our radishes are good enough to eat!

Well Done to...

Thomas, our star of the week! For amazing work in Maths this week!

Michael, our rainbow writer! For remembering all of the actions to our Phase 2 sounds!

End of Term Puppy Party!

To finish off our topic 'On The Farm' and celebrate a fantastic term, we had 3 very cute, furry visitors today! 

Thank you Rising Fives for letting us see, play with, and love your puppies! 

We loved asking lots of questions and learning all about their little lives so far. 

See below for pictures!


Summer Athletics!

Team GB in the making is all I can say! Amazing effort from everybody, I can't wait to see your athletic skills progress over the next Summer term!

A special mention to Scarlett, who blew us away with her fantastic sporty skills!

Bluebell Woods

This week, we took a class trip to 'Bluebell Woods' to admire the beautiful scenery and see the bluebells up close! We took a range of different mediums to sketch and draw with and the results are stunning! We have a class full of artists!

See below!​​​​​​

The Life Cycle of a Chicken!

We have life! Some of our eggs have hatched and Robins have got 2 very cute, fluffy additions!

Meet Gurty and Peter, our class chicks (we put the name to a vote and Martha's idea 'Gurty' from ET was a sure fire winner, as was Bertie's wonderful suggestion 'Peter'). 

Robins were lucky enough to watch Gurty hatching from it's egg over lunchtime. Peter was a little more private and hatched during the night. 

We can't wait to watch them grow this term!

See below for pictures!


Green Fingers!

What else can we grow? Food! Flowers! 

This term, in addition to watching our cute chicks and beautiful butterflies change and grow, we are also growing food in our class allotment and flowers in our outside area! 

We have been growing...

Potatoes, carrots, beans, cress, turnips and sunflowers!

(So far, we've tasted our cress. With the help of Florence's chickens, we made and ate yummy egg and cress sandwiches!)

See below for pictures of the children's green fingers hard at work and keep an eye out for our food and flowers!


Beautiful Butterflies!

As part of our topic 'On The Farm', we are learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. To help us with us, we have our own little friends in our classroom! Our caterpillars grew and grew, and now they are busy sleeping and growing in their cocoons! Hopefully soon, they will hatch from their cocoons and we can set our beautiful butterflies free. Keep an eye out on our class page for the big reveal! :)

See below for pictures so far!

Let's Eat What We Grow!

Among lots of different things, we have been growing cress this term! It would be rude not to try it!

Today we tasted our cress in our egg and cress sandwiches we prepared ourselves.

Yum, yum!

A big thank you to Florence and her family, who gave us eggs from their very own chickens!

See below for pictures!

Trust and Listening Activities

Term 4 Outdoor Learning: Kites! 

"Let's go fly a kite, up to the heighest height!"

This term, Robins have been creating their very own nature-inspired kites!


- Collected the correct sticks and measured them to see if they would be appropriate!

- Used twine to attach the longer stick to the shorter stick

- Collected a range of different leaves and flowers and used hammers and mallets to bash the prints and colours onto beautiful fabric!

- Cut out and painted the tails for their kites!

- Also practiced tying knots using their kite tails! 

- Used a glue gun to attach the sticks, 'leafy' fabric and tails together!

Wow! We have been VERY busy!

See below for pictures and keep an eye out for further pictures of the robins flying their kites! (fingers crossed for a windy day soon!)

Maths Fun with Mr. Peall! 

Today, we had so much fun playing number and shape recognition games in the hall with Mr Peall. 

We were split into two teams, "Team Gourlay" and "Team Leney".

It was a close call... but Team Leney JUST beat Team Gourlay! (I demanded a recount of course!)

Well done to all Robins for great maths work and VERY IMPORTANTLY, great sportsmanship. 

See below for pictures!


Delayed return to school - January

Dear Parents and Pupils,

You will find all your work set on Seesaw and it can be responded to directly there, or by uploading clear pictures of any work you do on paper.

Any problems accessing Seesaw then please contact the class teacher on the class email from Monday 4th January:

Home Learning!

A big well done to all of our wonderful children working at home and at school within our key worker bubbles! 

Head over to SeeSaw or check your home learning packs to see our fun, exciting topic work!

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any further support: 

Miss Gourlay :) 

Term 2 PE - Gymnastics!

Wow! What a term for Robins! You have learnt so many new skills in Gymnastics and have enjoyed every minute of it! Please see below for pictures and click on the link to see some exceptional talent! 

Ice skating 09-12-2020

Today, we had the most amazing day on our very own ice rink! A big thank you to our amazing PFS for providing us with the most magical day. Please see below for us in action! 

heart ROBINS 2020 NATIVITY! heart

Please click on the link below to our 'Video Resource Centre' to see our Christmas production "Shine Star, Shine!" 

A huge well done to all of our lovely Robins. 

We hope you love it as much as we do! 

Miss Gourlay & Mrs Leney 


Term 2 - Festivals and Celebrations

Decorating cakes!

In our story this week, all Grumbug the troll wanted was a CAKE! (Like most trolls). 

So... we decided to make our own 'Troll Cafe' and decorate some delicious cakes but not for trolls, for someone special heart (and a cheeky one for ourselves too!).



Maths: Repeating Patterns 

Whilst learning about ‘Repeating Patterns’ this week, Robins made delicious fruit skewers!

The children chose which fruits they would like and said their repeating pattern over and over.

What fruit would come next? What would come before this fruit?

Afterwards, Robins ate their delicious fruit skewers, yum yum! 

Outdoor Learning: Map Making 

This week, we have been focusing on the book 'Grumbug' by Adam Stower. 

In outdoor learning, we created the trail Oliver and the Troll take to find Dolly the baby! 

Robins had to collect outdoor resources to make the different areas and retold the story afterwards.

Great work Robins! 

First of many more annual conker days for our lovely Robins!

Fantastic Phonics!


Before half term, every Robin will receive their first reading book! Please use the contact book to keep a track of how your child is getting on at home and I will do the same for school.

When you are reading, please remember to say the 'pure sounds' and not add an unwanted 'uh' to the sound. E.g. 'mmm' and not 'muh'.

Click on the link before for more on this! 


I will also be sending home a sound booklet. These sheets have the sounds, a description of the action and the picture associated with it. Every day, we flashcard through every sound, so children should be able to tell you the sound by looking at the picture, even if we haven't learnt it at length.


However, I will create and update a post on this page with sounds we have thoroughly gone over so far!


Learning to read is the most amazing experience to be a part of. Be patient, it won't happen overnight. The process will be easier however, if you encourage children to read every night and support them with the techniques we use in school (see information with reading record).


If you need any further support in this or would like to chat about it, feel free to email/phone/see me on the gate (when the children have left).


Thank you!

Miss Gourlay



So far in Phonics...

s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d

REMEMBER: We flashcard through all sounds every day. If you show your child the picture, then chances are they will know the sound!


Well Done to...

Henry, our Star of the Week! You have been working so hard in Maths this week and can now recognise groups that have 'more', 'less' and are equal! Well done!

Scarlett, our Speller of the Week! You have been writing labels for your pictures at every given opportunity! Well done!

What is a 5-frame?

How do you use it?

How can it help children count and recognise numbers as amounts with ease?

ALL questions I am sure you've asked yourself too! No fear, Chloe is here...

(click on the link below to see her in action!)

Well Done to...

Sujiene, our Star of the Week! You have played so nicely with your friends this week and have loved coming into school. Well done you!

Martha, our Speller of the Week! You have been recognising the sounds around the room and have been a star at robot talking in Phonics. Well done you!

Please click on the link below to watch our Year R girls sorting themselves into 2 groups!


Whilst learning how to match, sort and count as you go this week, the girls decided to organise themselves into different groups using 2 hoops. See below for more! 

(I love that Martha went into the bathroom to check if she had blonde or brown hair... decided she had a bit of both and split herself across the 2 hoops! Swipe to see!)


Well done to...

Thomas, our star of the week! You have been writing your name at every given opportunity and have made so much progress!

Brooke, our super speller! You are recognising a range of sounds from around the room, well done!

Me at Home!

The Robins had a great time sharing their photos with one another and talking about their lovely homes and families.

Thank you so much for the children's pictures, these moments will definitely put the home in our home corner! 


Autumn Walk

Today, Robins class explored the outdoor areas and collected everything they could find, that reminded them of Autumn. We found lots of different things for our 'Outdoor Learning' display, such as conkers, pine cones and a huge amount of orange, yellow, red and brown crunchy leaves! 

See below for photos of the Robins playing, exploring and enjoying a lovely Autumn afternoon. 

Well done to...

This week, everyone in Robins class received 'Star of the Week' for being able to recognise their names in our reading games.

This week, our 'Super Speller' is Bella for writing and practising her name at every given opportunity. Well done Bella yes



Building our confidence, listening to instructions and working as a team in PE!

Current Stars in Robins!

Star of the Week  -       Everyone in Robins for settling in really well.

Super Speller       -       Hunter for writing his name independently with confidence.

Transition Week

Wow! What an amazing week we have had.

Our new Robins have already settled in so well to their new classroom and outside area.

A big thank you to the Mums and Dads that could make their parent/teacher meeting, we hope you found it as worthwhile as we did!


We cannot wait to see you all on Monday for your first day of 'big school'. heart


Miss Gourlay and Mrs Leney smiley

Welcome to Robins Class

Please look on here often in order to find out what we have got up, examples of excellent work, as well as for homework, letters and topic webs.


Please have a look at the way your classroom will look via the video on the Video Resource page.