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Eagles (Yr 5 and 6)

Welcome to Eagles Class

Please look on here often in order to find out what we have got up, examples of excellent work, as well as for homework, letters and topic webs.

Current Eagles Stars

Star of the Week: Aaron for his amazing swimming achievement.

Super Speller: Josie for her great work on Spelling Shed.

TT Rockstars of the Week: Harry D.



Eagles won the SpellingShed battle and Kingfishers the TT Rockstars battles this week. Eagles won the attendance award.

A huge thank you to the Year 6 parents who came to play their children at rounders. In a close, and friendly atmosphere, the children came out on top this year with a 14 1/2 points to 12 victory.

Residential News and Photos


Some of the Year 6s performed their Maypole dance at the Jubilee tea party. Please see the video via the link below.

Jubilee Scone Making

Photos of the Year 6 at Forest School can be found via the Forest School page, or via the link below.

Science: order of planets and solar system

We went outside and used our inflatable planets, stars and moons to recreate the solar system. We attempted to orbit the sun at a speed related to the number of days in the planet’s years.
See our solar system in operation in the video available via the link below.

Eagles Class performed a very entertaining dance with Mrs Horton’s inspiration. See the video through the link below.

Ancient Greek Homework Projects

For homework this term, the children made their own projects about a Greek God or Goddess.

We had several excellent games being made, and we thoroughly enjoyed playing them. There were some brilliant booklets which we enjoyed reading, and these are displayed within class. As well as a few brave children who did PowerPoint presentations which they taught to the class.


We also had three extremely entertaining videos made that had their premieres in the class.


Absolutely great work, Eagles.

Science Testing 

In the link below you will find the video of our parachute material test. We only changed the material, but discussed how it naturally affected weight, and how in reality we would test the parachutes several times.

Turn Down the Lights 


The Year 6 performance of Turn Down the Lights is now available in the Video Resource Centre - see the link below.

The children have written some wonderful poems of remembrance and reflection for Armistice Day which we have displayed on the fence for the village to read. This year we have ensured we have included poetry writing reflecting on points of view from soldiers from different countries.

We also visited the Smeeth War Memorial to have a moment of reflection, and we read out some of poems which we then left at the memorial for the local community to enjoy reading.

After learning about the Normans and reading about Robin Hood, in outdoor learning we made our own bows and arrows. Today we tested them out and shoot imaginary food sources!

The children were brilliant as usual when we went to see the actual battle site of the Battle of Hastings. The guide was very impressed with the children’s knowledge and answers, so went into more detail about the first battle of 1066, to add to our knowledge of the two more famous battles we had studied in class.

We have been reading the book Outlaws by Michael Morpurgo, and were inspired to make our own bows and arrows to be modern day Robin Hoods. We sourced different wood from the woods to test which will be the best for a bow, with some dead pieces of wood and some living to see if that affected the flexibility.

The Year 6 children have become Buddies of the Robins children, and will be playing, reading and helping them out as they settle into the school.

We re-enacted the Battle of Hastings, to learn about the events that led to William being crowned King. With two different armies to fight within the space of weeks, King Harold and his English army made of farmers and volunteers found it too difficult to handle William's well-trained knights.