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Robins (Yr R)

Welcome to the Robins Class Page! 

Please scroll down for further information, pictures and videos of our lovely class playing, growing and learning together!

Thank you,

Miss Gourlay 

Robins Class Teacher 

2021 EYFS Curriculum

Please click on the documents below for further information regarding the changes to the 2021 EYFS Curriculum. Our fun and engaging curriculum is embedded through our topics: 'All About Me', 'Festivals and Celebrations', 'Fairytales', 'People Who Help Us', 'Growing Together' and 'Animals Near and Far'. In keeping with statutory requirements, we are proud to celebrate our own 'Smeeth EYFS Curriculum' which explores children's personal, 'on the spot' interests within these topics! Please see the EYFS Page for further information, such as our Yearly Overview and Topic Webs.

What Will My Child Be Learning This Term?

Please see the topic web below to see what the Robins will be learning this term. This document includes all areas of the EYFS curriculum and is a basic outline of what we shall be doing. In Robins, we teach through a 'personalised learning' approach and follow the children's interests! So although there is a lot of information on the document below, if your child shows particular fascinations in anything, then we would love to adapt our planning and environment to best support this!

September Transition 

Please click on the document below to see transition times and dates.

 If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me on: robinsclass@smeeth.kent.sch.uk

Robins Class 2021-2022

Well done on your first week of school! We have had so much fun and I know that we are going to have a great year together!

Please have a glance through the slideshow below to see pictures of the children's first week!

Year 6 Buddies 

Today, Robins met their Year 6 buddies! These are children who will help guide the reception children through their first year at school. We can't wait to play with our new friends soon! See you on the playground Year 6!

Term 1 Forest School 

Every Wednesday Mrs. Leney will be leading a Forest School morning with Miss. Willmore! In these sessions

children will learn valuable skills and lessons through the great outdoors. 

The children can now build shelters and do Nordic Braiding! 

Term 2 

Forest School

Exploring Smeeth Village: Making Blackberry Jam!

This week, children made their own blackberry jam! Firstly, we explored Smeeth village and picked lots of yummy blackberries. We had lots of fun using our senses to explore our local area. Can you remember what you saw in the village? What did you hear, taste, smell, feel? 

Then, we followed a picture recipe and made our delicious jam! Yum-yum!

After filling our glass jars, we then decorated them and creating lid covers. 

Well done Robins, we will spend lots of time exploring and learning from the great outdoors this year, and each time you will become more and more independent! Soon, you'll be leading the grown ups. Thank you for such a fun experience! 


Learning with our Buddies!

This week in Maths, we have been learning how to match! We showed off our matching skills to our Year 6 buddies in a boot hunt game, a matching pattern game and finished off with some fun reading!

Delivering The Harvest Food Parcels!

This week we have been learning about harvest time, what it means and how we can help our local community. We learnt the word 'charity' and talked about how we can be charitable. We loved exploring our local area and delivering the parcels with our buddies because we got to chat to some of our lovely, kind neighbours! 

Our First Conker Day!

We had so much fun at our first conker experience. I now know how to thread my conker and I can teach my grown ups how to play this game!


Douglas' First Day in Robins!

To finish off a wonderful first term, Robins got to meet their new classmate, Douglas! 

Douglas is a 5 month old, chocolate brown cockapoo and lives at Miss Gourlay's house. 

He loves walks, cuddles, treats and after today, all of his new friends in Robins class!

Douglas can't wait to come and help the children in robins learn again next term. 

Term 2 - Festivals and Celebrations!

Please see the Term 2 Topic Web below. As always, we adapt our teaching and environment to the children in Robins interests. This runs alongside our curriculum and is most likely seen through the enhanced play areas and during Investigation and Discovery (ID) time! :)

Science Week

Ice gardens

Robins produced beautiful ice gardens using natural materials. They explored how water turns to ice when it’s frozen and investigated whether their objects floated or sank. They hung the ice gardens outside and noted how they melted during the day. It was lots of fun!

Forest School at the Deer Park

Robins had great fun visiting the deer park for Forest School. They re-enacted ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ through the different environments. They even considered wading through a huge puddle to make the ‘splash splosh’ sound, but it was just too deep! 

Trip to Smeeth Church

Robins went for a chilly walk to Smeeth Church to look carefully at the building. They noticed different features of the church and compared it to a Hindu temple.

Ice skating!

Robins had great fun on the ice rink. They quickly got the hang of it and dazzled us with their new skills. Afterwards they warmed up with hot chocolate and marshmallows!

Christmas Jumper Day!

Robins all wore lovely Christmas jumpers today which went beautifully with the hats they made to wear to the Christmas Dinner.

Christmas Forest School

Robins enjoyed lots of Christmas activities during Forest School this week! They used a variety of tools to make their craft objects. 

Star Of The Week!

Each week, Robins will go to Celebration Assembly and see all of the children in the school. Here, we will celebrate children's individual and class achievements together. Each class will be rewarded a 'Star of the Week' certificate and if you receive this in Robins then you get to take our class bunny 'Buster' home for the weekend! Well done to...

Week 1: Jack Hughes 

Week 2: Imogen Hardiman 

Week 3: Freddy Nash 

Week 4: Louie Frake

Week 5: George Finn

Week 6: Reggie Baker

Week 7:

Week 8: Verity Uden

Week 9: Elliott Brown

Week 10: All of the Robins for planting our fruit trees.

Week 11: James Cork for trying his best in everything and showing great perseverance.