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Magpies (Y1 and 2)

Welcome to Magpies! 

Please take a look at our class page often as you will see regular updates of all the exciting things that we are learning about this year! 

Homework Grids 

Common Exception Words 

Here is a list of all the common exception words the children are required to learn by the end of year two. 


Recommended Reading List 

Here is a small selection of recommended reading books for children in year one and two. This list is not extensive and we encourage children to read any book that they desire! 

This term we have been reading 'The Robot and the Bluebird' in our English lessons. This week we have focused on the Bluebird and have been following instruction to make a bird feeder. We had lots of fun making our bird feeders and we will be writing our own instructions later on this week. 
In art this term Magpies have been looking at primary and secondary colours. They have learnt how to mix the primary colours to make the secondary colours and how to make tints and shades. Here is some of the artwork that they have produced. 
This week in science year two have been investigating and testing the properties of wood. They have been given their 'scientist ID cards' and have been busy testing how strong different types of wood are to create a poster all about wood. 
In science this week we have been identifying and sorting objects by the materials that they are made from. We had lots of fun sorting the different objects in our groups!