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Woodpeckers (Yr 2 and 3)

Welcome to Woodpeckers Class

Please look on here often in order to find out what we have got up, examples of excellent work, as well as for homework, letters and topic webs.

Current Woodpeckers Stars

Star of the Week: Leo for an excellent effort with his writing in English this term.

Super Speller: Blake for always having the confidence to spell tricky words in front of the class. 

4th May


Today we planted our sunflower seeds! We worked in groups to plant our seeds in a pot with some soil. We filled our pots 3/4 of the way up with soil, made a hole in the middle and put our seeds in. We then covered the seeds with some more soil. We planted 10 separate seeds and are investigating what they need to grow well and healthy.


Pots 1 & 2: will have soil, light, water and the right temperature. We are going to keep them by the window in our classroom. We think they are going to grow green, tall and healthy.


Pots 3 & 4: will have soil, light and water but not the right temperature. We are going to keep them in the fridge. Some of us think they won’t germinate at all because they need some warmth and some of us think they might sprout but won’t grow into a healthy plant.


Pots 5 & 6: will have soil, light and the right temperature but no water. We are going to keep them by the window in our classroom. We think they won’t germinate at all.

Pots 7 & 8: will have soil, water and the right temperature but no light. We are going to keep them in a dark cupboard with the door shut. We think the seeds will germinate the plant will grow unhealthily and be yellow and wilted.


Pots 9 & 10: will have water, light and the right temperature but no soil. We are going to keep them by the window in our classroom. We don’t think these seeds will germinate at all because they aren’t getting any nutrients from the soil.

28th April 2022


In Topic this term we are exploring the Anglo-Saxons. Today we worked in groups to design our own Anglo-Saxon villages.

26th April 2022


Today we took advantage of the sunshine and went outside to do some drama activities. In preparation for our extended writing lesson this week, Woodpeckers acted out the next part of our story before spending a lesson writing it. We are reading the book 'The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane' in English this term. The most recent chapter ended with Abilene's grandmother about to tell her a story. The children acted out in small groups what they thought the story might be about. We had lots of wonderful (and slightly crazy!) ideas!



We are looking at The Romans this term. Below are some pictures of shields we have made at home as part of a homework project!

History Lesson (24.1.2022)


We learnt about how events in the Roman Empire affected different people and re-enacted those scenes.


Science (20.01.22) - Rocks!


This term we are looking at Rocks & Fossils! Today we were trying to identify real rocks from the pictures. We were surprised at some! The rocks we identified were 'natural' rocks and we also looked at 'man-made' rocks too and understood why these rocks aren't natural. To explore even further, we then looked at which rocks were igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic!

Woodpecker's Church Visit (19.01.22)


This week we visited our local church in Smeeth as part of our topic this term on Christianity! We identified different features in the church and why they are important. Have a look below at some of our pictures from the visit!

Puppets! 14.12.21


Our DT project this term was glove puppets! We designed them ourselves and then made them using felt. We practiced our sewing skills using needles and thread which was tricky but we were very successful with some help. We added the finishing touches using more felt and googly eyes.

Suggested Reading Lists For Year 2 & Year 3


We Are Ice Skaters!

We had an amazing day today! Our playground turned into an ice rink and we spent some time whizzing around the rink. Some of us were brave enough to even attempt a dance routine whilst others spent most of their time getting maybe a little too brave and ending up flat on our backs. We had such fun!