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Smeeth Community Primary School

Woodpeckers (Year 2 & 3)

Welcome to our class web page! Here you will find our topic webs, with details of the things our children will be learning about each term, and a parent letter with other useful information.


We will also post photographs of activities that have been happening in Woodpeckers as well as any useful links for use at home. Please check back regularly for any updates!

Term 6


5th July 2019


Woodpeckers are reading the book 'The Enchanted Wood' by Enid Blyton in class. We have been doing lots of English and Topic work based around this book. Today we worked in groups and created a freeze frame to represent one of our favourite scenes from the book so far!

3rd July 2019


Year 2 have been looking at position and direction in maths. Today we went outside to practise using some of our vocabulary. Our task was to work in pairs and take it in turns to direct our partner across the obstacle course that was laid out on the field. We used language like; forwards, backwards, 1/4 turn, 1/2 turn, 3/4 turn, clockwise and anti-clockwise to move our partner around the objects.

25th June 2019


Year 3 have been looking at time in maths. Today we practised timing in seconds. We used stop watches to time eachother how long it took to do specific tasks, such as; running a length of the playground, writing our name, doing 10 star jumps, ordering numbers 1-10 and taking our jumper off and putting it back on. Here we are taking part!

21st June 2019 - We Are Reporters!


For the last 3 weeks, Woodpeckers have been looking at newspapers in English. Today we finished our unit by reporting the final draft of our story about an escaped jaguar from Wingham Wildlife Park!

19th June 2019 - Year 3 Science


Year 3 are looking at 'Forces and Magnets' in Science this term. Today we were investigating magnetic and non-magnetic materials!

3rd June - 7th June


Woodpeckers had a fun-packed week for International Week! We explored South Africa and studied 'The Butterfly Lion' as our book. Some of our activities included: 


- South-African language sessions from Ms Payne

- Cooking

- Creating an information poster using Purple Mash about South Africa

- Painting a South African landscape using watercolour

- Learning how South African animals have adapted to their habitat

International Week Dress Up - Term 6

Term 5


Year 2 Science - Plants!


Year 2 have been looking at plants as their Science topic this term. Have a look at our pictures below of them growing some cress seeds!

Extreme Earth Geography- Term 3

Mummy Lesson

Gymnastics Term 3

Viking Day- Term 1

Book week- Term 1

Christmas Dinner 2018

A couple of pictures from transition day in July of our new Woodpeckers class taking part in team-building activities.