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Woodpeckers (Y2 and 3)

Science - 9.10.19 - Muscles

In Science year 3 have been looking at bones and muscles. Today we were exploring

what muscles we use for different movements. We finished our lesson with investigating reaction times for the people in our groups. We did this by holding a metre stick above our fists and dropping it, we had to grab the stick and measure how far the stick fell before we had grabbed hold of it.

Maths - 24.09.19 - Ordering Numbers


Today year 2 were ordering numbers. We worked in groups and used place value counters to each make our own 2-digit number. We then worked together to put our numbers in order from smallest to greatest or greatest to smallest.

English Lesson 16.09.19 - Fiction VS. Non-Fiction


Today we were learning the differences between fiction and non-fiction books ahead of our non-fiction unit on information texts.

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English Lesson 10.09.19 - Autumn Walk


Today Woodpeckers went on an Autumn walk to gather some ideas ahead of some Autumn writing this week! We were thinking about our senses and what we could see, hear, feel and smell, using our imaginations to help. This will help us write an Autumn setting in tomorrow's lesson!

Maths Lesson 9.09.19 - Place Value


The new Woodpeckers have been looking at place value. Today we looked at ways to represent 2-digit and 3-digit numbers using base-10 equipment and drawings.

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