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Robins (Reception)

Click on the link below to see our new classroom set up! 


Dear all,


I hope you are all well and safe and have enjoyed the Easter holidays!

Please see the outline of times and lessons that I have prepared for Robins!

I will upload each lesson at the allotted time with instructions of exactly what to do, onto the home leaning portal 'SeeSaw' throughout each school day. As already outlined in the email informing you of this portal, I will be available to talk to you directly and see all of the lovely work, once completed, in picture, video, text, or voice message form (whatever is most appropriate for the chosen activity!).

If you are finding a task difficult or need further instruction at the time, then please talk to me directly on Seesaw. 


A huge thank you to all of the parents who are regularly using 2simple. I have loved seeing your wonderful play-based observations. Please continue to use 2simple during ID time but for all other lessons and activities, upload your work to Seesaw.  

If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact me on


I can't wait to see all of your lovely work and play experiences!


Missing you all, 


Miss Gourlay


The children can use Numbots to practice their counting and number bonds. Their user details for Numbots are the same as their Purple Mash details. This is new for the children so please read the letter and sit with them to begin with. Reception children do not need to try the Times Table Rockstars. 

Buster is busy looking after the Robins classroom! He hopes you are all enjoying your home learning packs and sends you lots of of love!

Star(s) of the Week!

Vienna, Daisy and Savanna

I have loved seeing all of your wonderful work on your 2simple learning journey! 

Keep up the good work :)

Instead of having Buster the Bunny this week, you girls will get a special 'Star of the Week' sticker and your certificate when you are back at school!

Children's Home Learning! Read the letter below to see how Parents/Carers can be heard!

Click on the link below to see Hugh, the first Robin ever, light a fire on the first day!

Outdoor Learning: Lighting a Fire!

In this week's Outdoor Learning, Robins spent half of the morning focusing on 'Team Work'.

Robins used blind folds to guide each other around an obstacle course, had to talk about the pictures they had when putting the puzzle pieces together and had to listen to different group leader's and follow instructions for getting as many people into each hoop!

The children practised listening, communicating, finding out through trial and error, taking on different roles (e.g. the leader) and importantly, trusting each other!


I can't wait for next Friday Robins!

Who helps us at school?

This term, Robins will be learning about 'People Who Help Us'.

We will be looking at who helps us at home, in school and in the wider community.

We are so excited to ask our visitors lots of interesting questions and find out more about them!

During this term, we will have a trip to Chatham Dockyard and will see first hand how people help us at sea!

Throughout this topic, the children in Robins class will reflect on how they can help people too and will put this into action every week.

Please keep checking our website for updates of us during this exciting topic!


Thank you,

Miss Gourlay


Pottery - Greek Vases for International Week!

Click on the link below to see our Greek dancing! Opa! 

International Week: Greece!

Click on the link below to see some of our lovely children performing for one another!

We like to call this... Classpool Karaoke! 

Click on the link below to be blown away by Elodie's independent maths work!

Next step... Pi! 

'My Unicorn Story' by Violet, Reception (based on true events)

Fairytales: Jack and the Beanstalk

2020: The Year of the Rat! Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Click on the link below to see Robins Class perform our Chinese New Year song! smileyheart


The Dragon Dance!

Building friendships that will last a lifetime!

Robins head to the Deer Park! Before leaving, the children predicted what they would see, smell, hear and feel. After exploring for the afternoon, they wrote their findings..

No fear Baby Bear... we will make you some more porridge!

Christmas Jumper day!

Robins 2019-2020 Nativity Dress Rehearsal - "Shine, Star, Shine!"

Dilly the Pony starring as... Mary and Joseph's donkey!

Robins and Eagles deliver the Harvest goods!

Harvest Festival ready!

Hello to the Class of 2019! Welcome to Smeeth School little Robins, we are so happy you are here!